You May Be A 1966 BA Cougar If…

(Scroll down to the bottom of this page to see the additions by Beverly Kirk and Marshall Bryant)


…you remember Icky Twerp


…you know how to do “The Gator”

…you had a 5 cent cone at Ashburns


…you went with your folks to DeGeorge’s BBQ

…you ever danced at The Studio Club

…you ever bought a bus card

…you went looking for the Lady of the Lake

…you had a burger at Charcos

…you bought clothes at Parisian Peytons or Reynolds Penland

…you snuck into the Buckner Drive In

…you went to the kids show at the Casa Linda for 25 cents caravanned to "The Cellar" in Fort Worth ever rode the Wild Mouse at the Fair

…you bowled at Jack and Jill Lanes

…you watched "Mickey and Amanda" and “Kittys Wonderland” on

Channel 11

(Mickey and Amanda)

…you ate Hamburgers at Goff’s in Lochwood

…you remember Splash Day at Harry Stone ate at Shakeys Pizza or The Pig Stand

…you skateboarded on Fernald

…you shopped at Atlantic Mills

…you went to DreamAires at Harry Stone Rec Center remember the Casa View Drive In Theater

…you danced the Low Life to a Jimmy Reed record

…you voted for Frieda Lambert for Sweetheart  in 1965

…you listened to The Weird Beard or Charlie and Harrigan

(above: The Weird Beard, Charlie and Harrigan)

…you got a free Big Shake for buying school supplies at Skillerns

                                                            listened to records in the sound booth at The Dallasan Shop

…you hung out all night at the Ferguson Road Dairy Queen

…you danced at “Broadway Skateland and Sock Hop A-Go-Go” argued with friends over which was the best – KLIF or KBOX watched Sputnik cross the night sky

…you bought a Christmas Tree from the Key Club guys in Casa Linda ever wore Poll Parrott or Buster Brown shoes

…a big night out for the family was Wyatt’s Cafeteria

                                            split a 5 cent coke with someone at The Prince of Hamburgers

…you ever went to the "submarine races" at White Rock Lake

…you remember what class you were in when Dr. Harris announced Kennedy’s assassination

…you remember Jimmy Clark's Groceries

…you toured Mrs Bairds Bakery as a Cub Scout or Brownie

...or maybe you toured the Dr Pepper Plant

…you ate hot bread from Vavra’s Bakery in Casa Linda

…you ever ate a burger basket from The Dairyette

…you remember when Big Town opened

…you ever walked across the spillway after a rainstorm

…you were enrolled in the Gingham Girl Dance Studio in Oates Plaza

…you ever shopped at a Mr M’s store

…you recall lining up for polio shots and ultraviolet “cootie inspection”

…you sent H.L. Hunt a graduation announcement and he sent you back a crummy book he had written

…you ever walked the check at Kips

…you ever went to a football game at Forester Field danced in the girls gym on a Friday night

(Dance in the girls' gym featuring The Illusions - an early incarnation of Kenny and the Kasuals)


…you skated at White Rock Skating Rink

(White Rock Skating Rink - Mid 50s)

…you rode the paddle boats at White Rock Lake ever sipped a Pommac (or even remember what that was) had your picture made at Gary’s Studio or ever had your picture made on a pony

…you ever necked in the “Cry Room” of the Casa Linda Theater

…you remember the noise from The Devils Bowl Speedway

…you remember frosted root beers at the Hi De Ho on Garland Road

…you rode the "Monorail Train" at the fair

…you ever had a frito pie

…you went to The Lone Star Drive In

…you ever sipped a cherry coke at Page Rexall in Casa View

…your mom saved EITHER S&H Green Stamps OR Top Value Stamps


…you ever bought colored baby chicks or baby turtles at Mott's or Moses’ Five & Dime

…you listened to Miss Inez play the organ at Luby’s

…you rode the bus to the Fair

…you remember Uncle Tiny and Cap’n Swabby on local TV

…you ever ate at Youngbloods Chicken in Casa View

…you remember the window displays at Neiman’s during Christmas

…you got a ticket from “Officer Friendly” in front of Bryan Adams

(Above: "Officer Friendly" hands out a gentle reminder to a BA student in 1966) ever ordered a Hot Fudge Sundae at Kip's

…you remember when White Rock Lake was frozen over

…you ever popped a tar bubble with a bare toe

…you were ever tossed out of the Casa Linda Theater

…you ever X-rayed your feet at Colliers Shoe store in Casa View

…your first baseball glove came from Jackson’s Sporting Goods shot pool at the Rack and Cue

…you saw the Beatles in 1964 at Memorial Auditorium

…you ever had a 10 cent burger from Krystal’s

…you watched Sump’n Else on Channel 8 after school

…you took Drivers Ed from Coach Salmon

…you remember The Casa View Country Club knew that "Gorgon" on Nightmare Theater, The Texas Consumer Finance man and "Icky Twerp" were all the same guy

(Above: Icky, Mortimer Moolah and Gorgon)

…you ever drove across the “one lane bridge” with your lights off

…your phone number began with BR, DA or DI

…you remember YY Wickie advertising Slurpees on KLIF bought a five cent Dr Pepper at Mr. Cavender’s Humble station

…you looked for arrowheads in what is now Lochwood Shopping Center remember green barbecue burgers in the school lunchroom watched TV shows sponsored by Art Grindle (“I Want To Sell You  A Car!)

.  .  .  . 

BEVERLY KIRK ADDS - You May Be a '66 Cougar If You...

Saw Elsie the Cow and her son Beauregard at the State Fair. 

Called in to make a record request to KLIF on a Saturday night. 

Square danced in elementary school

Ate a buttered, clover-leaf roll in the school cafeteria. 

Rode the bus downtown on a Saturday to Woolworth's and a movie (by yourself!)

Parked at White Rock Lake


Additional memories from Marshall Bryant

You May Be A 1966 BA Cougar If…

You recall The Burger Chef near Gus Thomason and Oates Drive.


You were ever kicked out of the Casa Linda theater for making out.

You went to Camp Dallas (ROTC)


You got caught sneaking into the Carousel Club after Junior Achievement meetings in downtown Dallas.

You ever got chills driving by The Motley Cemetery at the "The Motley Mansion"- especially thinking about the grave that contains only the foot of the deceased who died in a farming accident.


You sipped a "Jack Cola" at the Jack in the Box in Casa View.



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